This artwork is made from the old menu cards of Italian Restaurant ‘La Galera’ in Edam (The Netherlands). La Galera means Jail in Italian. This artwork is a reminder that we can all free ourselves, from the limitations of the mind. It starts with seeing and acknowledging that we are living in the prison of our minds. It takes willingness and effort to enquire what we perceive to be real, to come to see that there is actually a “door” in between our thoughts and that we ourselves are holding the key of the lock.

You have done your time, it’s time to open up the lock and be free! Be free.

It’s a new beginning!


We are trying to find the answers to questions that are impossible to understand from a mental point of view. Life requires surrender, trust and faith. We can try to puzzle it all out, but the truth is that we don’t know anything for sure. However, there is something that seems to know.

It makes our heartbeat, the flowers blossom and the earth spin. An infinite intelligence that is available and takes care of everything if we dare to trust it. Something is being communicated, unable to put in words, but on a deeper level understood. Something knows…

This painting is an invitation to surrender, trust and have faith in infinite intelligence, to feel the simplicity of being, a childlike innocence, that’s still within us.

Spend some time with the painting and let it take you in. And if you like puzzling. Here is a nice little puzzle.

1. How many cubes do you count?
2. Which line does not ‘belong’ or is ‘random’ according to the rest of the painting
3. Can you discover a pattern in the colors? Which 3 coloreds ‘fields’ stand out of that pattern?



Everything in the universe obeys a law. Everything is happening in rhythms and patterns, vibrations and frequencies. There is a mind-blowing secret in the numbers 3,6 and 9.

This artwork symbolises the key, to me, to you, the universe and all in creation.

The background of the artwork is made out of pages of the book “Accelerated living” by friend and teacher Bentinho Massaro.


This artwork has a straightforward energy. It symbolises clarity and vision with a balanced foundation. Nothing and no-one is excluded, all is related, linked and connected without exceptions. It’s the message of this painting. Focused with precision on all parts, while having the whole in mind.

4 FACES, 6 EDGES truth.

This painting has a calm, neutral, yet sharp and somewhat chaotic energy. This painting symbolises the inherent neutrality in every situation and every moment. Nothing is what seems to be at face value and nothing has built-in meaning, apart from the meaning you give to things. We see everything from a certain perspective and give it meaning according to our beliefs. Every perspective is as true as it is not.

If you look at this painting, you see lines and colors, if you look a little longer you see triangles, if you look deeper than that, you will see that all triangles are part of a tetrahedron. There are infinite points of view to look at something. All are equally valid. To understand the different perspectives, we have to look deeper into the points of view, without judgment, and at the same time we have to zoom out in order to see the larger context wherein it is all happening. In the bigger picture, all points of view resolve and disappear once it is seen that it is all part of one painting, one truth. All can be perceived from infinite perspectives, with each their unique colors, flavors, shapes and forms.


God is in everything. In every person, in every house, In every flower, tree, animal, emotions, thoughts and experiences. Even in all mistakes, pains and in all struggles! It’s all part of creation and of the same awareness. God is awareness. To see everything as a part of God is to see all of yourself. Creation is God’s house, in all forms, shapes and colors and beyond all shapes and colors. Within the manifested and in the un-manifested. In the seeming objects & subjects and in light & dark. In nothingness and everything-ness.

It means freedom to be, to create, to play, To be THIS or to be That. To be something and to be nothing. To think what you want, to be who you are or to be what you want to be. There is no judgment. We are never able to change what we truly already are but we have the freedom to be what we want to be. There are many infinite chambers in God’s house, ultimately there is just one house.


This painting is an invitation to think outside of the box of what you think is possible and real. Open up to the infinite possibilities, the magic, the mind’s definition of ‘unreal’.


This painting symbolizes your inner antenna that receives and perceives, connected with the higher mind that conceives.

When we are letting go of the idea that we have to come up with everything ourselves and stop placing all our trust on our mind by understanding that it’s not the mind’s job to conceive, we will naturally flow with life. Our job is to de-clutter the mind by letting go of all we think we know and how things should be, so we are available to Receive and Perceive, what the higher mind already has Conceived for us.


We are multidimensional beings. The human being as we know ourselves to be is only a fraction of what we are. This painting is a bridge or a gateway that connects you with your multidimensionality. It is a reminder that there is so much more of you, you can connect with and be supported by if you dare to listen quietly.



We are all looking and longing for something or ‘our other half’ to complete us, so we can feel at home. This painting contains a lot of symbolism that are all invitations to turn around, to turn within, to discover, feel, heal and meet the one you are looking for. The one you are intended to meet and remember: You. It is the one that holds the entire universe, the moon, the earth, the pyramids and the stars. The one that experiences nothing but itself in all it sees and feels.

In order to heal, remember and transcend we have to look the challenge, confusion, struggle, pain and pleasure in the eye and say, I feel you, I accept you, I embrace you. I am here for you, because you are a part of me.

Knowing the one, is knowing all. Wherever we look we will see nothing but the one. The seeking for something or the ‘other’ to complete ourselves stops. We can then experience pure love with, through and for an ‘other’, because nothing is more joyful and natural than to love, learn and create with, for and through an ‘other’ a.k.a. your very Self. The ONE.

Emanated by you, for you, through you. The beginning and the end. The source of all.



When we let go of all of the definitions we have of others and ourselves and the boxes we place ourselves in, we will discover that there is no difference between us. What separates us is mistaking the waves for being separate or something else than the ocean. We are just waves, different expression forms, rising from the same ocean. Nothing else than a thought or perspective separates us. This painting is a reminder that in essence there is no difference or separation, which will give us the ability to be ourselves at every given moment.