BE FREE – 9th of november 2018  

After 2 years of traveling and living around the world, I found a place where I could place my bed again, or better said it found me. Michiel and Carina, two people I met in Norway, offered me to live in an apartment/loft in an old warf in Edam (NL). It would be taken down within 8 months, for a new project, until then it was all mine. In moved there in spring 2018. They told me I could do with the place whatever I wanted and so I did. One room transformed very quickly into an art studio, while the walls of my living room turned into murals. 

The first couple of weeks of being back and having my own space again was pretty intense. After years of dedicated focus on spirituality and self discovery, going from one retreat to another, made me realize that my search had ended. Not because I was self realized or enlightened, but it dawned on me nothing in this world, no guru, no friend, no waiting for another mystical experience was going to help me any further. It was just between me and me. I had to break free from my own limitations of the mind, to live what I knew in my heart to be true, and that I had to go alone.

I was coaching a couple of people and 2 nights a week, I served tables at Italian Restaurant ‘La Galera’ to support myself financially. I loved working there and to serve people. It helped me get out of my hermit mode and to “land” on earth again, in a ‘normal’ world, with normal’ people, living ‘normal’ lives. It helped me to ground myself and settle down a bit.

One day new menu cards arrived and they let me take the old ones home. The next day I turned on the camera and I started to rip the cards apart, and while doing so, for some reason, tears streamed down my face. Three days and nights later, BE FREE came to life including this video. As soon as I shared the video online I was getting requests of people if they could buy it. I sold it to an amazing Indian woman living in London, who described to me what this artwork meant to her. Her story about the freedom touched me. 

I realized that this artwork was not just a quote I was inspired by just because ”La Galera”, means Jail in Italian. It was a crystal clear message to me and apparently a reminder for others.

Freedom is on the menu! The question is: Am I and are WE ready and courageous enough to keep on choosing it by trusting the unknown beyond the limitations of the mind? 

What if I actually have no clue what my life is going to look like or think what it is supposed to become? What if I totally let go of all the ideal plans and ideas I have been working on for so long? What if the plans and ideas are the limitations that keeps me in the jail of the mind? What if I drop it all and deliberately choose for what wants to happen now instead of what I think is supposed to happen? 

…A new beginning.  And this artwork is the symbol of it. 

If you are in living in the Netherlands or visiting the Netherlands. It’s worth visiting beautiful Edam. Amsterdam, but then tiny. And of course have your Lunch or Dinner at Italian Restaurant La Galera. Delicious food and amazing people.